Ashoka UK Fellows

Field of Work: Health

Mohammad Al-Ubaydli is reducing the cost of healthcare, improving patient health outcomes, and reinventing doctor-patient communication. Through Patients Know Best, Mohammad’s technology platform allows patients to securely view their medical records and share their information with other doctors and family members, giving individual patients easy access to and control over their medical data.

Field of Work: Civic Engagement

Ken Banks is making real the possibility of SMS-enabled communication for social change organisations across every sector and in every geography.

Field of Work: Human Rights

Camila Batmanghelidjh is taking a holistic, child centred approach to delivering care that empowers the most disturbed children, to rebuild and take

Field of Work: Economic Development, Field of Work: Health

For over twenty years, Andrea Coleman has focused on solving a seemingly simple, key component of rural healthcare delivery: on-the-ground transportation. Through a series of partnerships with government institutions, Andrea has designed new ways of bringing health workers to where patients are, built local expertise and supply chains for transport and maintenance, and dramatically improved healthcare reliability. Her work is driving transport up the government agenda in Africa and beyond, removing a crucial barrier for effective development as a whole.

Field of Work: Human Rights

Phil Conway is redesigning the care of disabled children towards a personalised model based on the real needs of children and their families

Field of Work: Learning/Education

For over a decade, Emma-Jane Cross has worked throughout the UK to transform the country’s endemic culture of bullying. 

Vision Housing
Field of Work: Civic Engagement

Annys Darkwa has identified that stable, quality housing is a key linchpin in the cycle of re-offending, and she is solving this public sector problem with a private sector solution.

Field of Work: Health

Jane Davis is changing the way people relate to literature, to each other and to themselves through a shared reading model called ‘Get Into Reading’, which brings small groups together on a weekly basis to read books and poems aloud. Run in care homes, libraries, hostels, mental health centres, schools and prisons Get Into Reading brings literature to where people are. At the core of Jane’s approach is the insight that reading can be used as a therapeutic tool to help people articulate their thoughts, feelings and life experiences. Through the Get Into Reading model, Jane is therefore redefining the value of literature and the role that reading aloud can play in improving mental health, community and wellbeing.

Field of Work: Environment

Al Harris is creating a unique, viral model that encourages and promotes the creation of local, community-run Marine Protected Areas that increases the communities’ quality of life and protect the marine environment.