Ashoka UK Fellows (International)

Alongside our Fellows elected in the UK, we are also proud to host Fellows from other countries who have expanded their work here. They include:

Field of Work: Human Rights

Luke Dowdney helps youngsters stay out of organized crime through a program that teaches martial arts along with life skills. He is leading an international network of organizations working to end children’s participation in gangs and other organized violence.

Field of Work: Civic Engagement

Marc Kielburger is building leadership development and social engagement into the education system so that young people have opportunities to contribute in practical ways to building an improved global community.

United States
Field of Work: Economic Development

Ron Layton is creating global mechanisms that provide poor producers in developing countries with a full range of intellectual property tools that allow them to develop sustainable businesses and compete more fairly in overseas markets.

Field of Work: Learning/Education

Betty Makoni is building a new generation of strong, active women citizens. In Zimbabwean society, girls are discriminated against, often abused, and given limited opportunities for expression and development. Through her Girl Child Network, Betty creates safe spaces for girls to grow and connect with each other. Betty uses advocacy campaigns,...

United States
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Recognizing that the teenage years are not simply a “holding pen for adulthood,” Charlie Murphy is helping youth discover who they are, what they can do, and how they can make a difference now. Through a new model of youth work based on creative engagement and partnership, Charlie Murphy prepares adults to work side-by-side with teens,...

Field of Work: Economic Development

By creating a tool for rating and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of medium-sized agricultural producer groups, Lucas Simons is able to form a common language and standard of information enabling previously disparate stakeholders to communicate and increasing access to financial products for the agricultural sector.  Through...