Spotlight on: Mohammad Al-Ubaydli

Submitted on Tue, January 15, 2013

This month we spotlight Mohammad Al-Ubaydli as our 'Fellow of the Month'

In an enigmatic "Story of Change", Mohammad details defining moments in his life that led him to start Patients Know Best.

"My parents were exiled from Bahrain as pro-democracy activists, so I spent my childhood in many countries. At the age of ten we arrived in the UK as my father started his PhD and continued his academic career. From my parents I learned 3 vital lessons: scholarship, service and stealth...."

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Mohammad's Story


About Patents Know Best:

Mohammad Al-Ubaydli is reducing the cost of health care, improving patient health outcomes, and reinventing doctor-patient communication. Through Patients Know Best, Mohammad’s technology platform allows patients to securely view their medical records and share their information with other doctors and family members, giving individual patients easy access to and control over their medical data.

Mohammad is a serial entrepreneur, who has a proven track record of innovation in the field of computing and medicine. He has written and published six books and is a trained physician and an IT programmer.