Visit From Swedish Ashoka Fellow And Join Our Core Winner Johan Wendt

Submitted on Mon, December 17, 2012

Swedish Fellow Johan Wendt visits Ashoka UK!

Ashoka UK was delighted to have Johan Wendt visit us on December 13th 2012. Johan Wendt joined Ashoka in 2012 as the first Fellow to be elected by the new Scandinavian office. He is also one of the winners in the Ben & Jerry’s Join Our Core competition 2012.


About Mattecentrum

In 2008, Johan created Mattecentrum in Sweden, a network of tutoring programmes based online and in real life to make mathematics education vibrant, exciting and respected as a key skill for success. Not only is Johan passionate about mathematics, he is also convinced that it is an integral skill to an active citizenship. As a result, the tutoring is volunteer-based and always free to the students. Since 2008, Mattecentrum has reached over half a million children through after-school tutoring lesson in 19 cities and a series of online tools in Sweden. Recently, Johan expanded his project to Denmark with great success. Currently Mattecentrum provides 45 ‘Math Labs’ each week, reaching around 4,000 children with the help of 300 volunteers. Its online platform,, has over 500 free video lessons being used by approximately 110,000 children, a wopping 15% of all children between the ages of 12-19 in the region!

Johan-Ashoka Ambitions

Other than visiting the delightful Ashoka UK team, Johan’s objectives in London were to consider potential expansion of his Mattecentrum project into the UK. Now that the course is set for Johan to replicate his project beyond Sweden, he is looking at regions with similar downward slides in mathematics educational levels. Johan and Ashoka are currently considering ways in which Mattecentrum could be supported by the newly established Ashoka’s Localiser Programme, a programme which aims to make the UK a global hub for social innovation by attracting existing Ashoka Fellows from around the world to come and replicate their work here in the UK. To this end, Ashoka UK organised and helped Johan get several highly productive meetings together during his visit.

Keep your eyes peeled next year for updates on Johan’s plans. Hopefully we’ll be seeing Johan in London again soon!


Words by Sho Sugihara, Corporate Partnerships and Events Intern